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Zosi Security Camera Review: Why There Are Rave Reviews about This Security Camera


If we will stand by the reviews of the market, then it is very evident that many of the commentators have provided us with constructive opinions about the Zosi Security camera. This Zosi security camera review will guide you on the decision to either go for this product or not

There are several reasons why this product stands out. The parallel resolution of the camera is 800TVL. This happens to be one of the highest resolutions that you can access in the market and that makes the camera very unique. This camera can withstand any weather condition because of it comes with an aluminum casing and can be positioned wherever the customer thinks is right. The IR distance of the camera is also one of the best in the world with a distance that ranges from around 40m 0r 120 feet. This product has protection against water and therefore has no challenge with rain; your recording will still be as normal as ever. You will have a perfect sight of your environments because the camera has a 4.6mm that is inserted in it. The sum of LEDs gets to 42pcs which will also provide a very clear shot at night

You will discover that the camera feeds could be accessed remotely via your MAC, PC, tablet, smartphone, android, and other mobile devices without any challenge whatsoever. This security system can also help to detect motion.

Now that you’ve learned about why Zosi Security Cameras are the rave about these days, you want to learn how you should pick which security camera must be installed in your home or establishment. You can’t just any camera that you see being displayed or featured in flyers or posters. There are steps you need to follow so that you will not end up buying the wrong security camera for whatever purpose you want them in the first place.

Cheap is actually expensive

It still stays true today – you get what you paid for. Try to go for the best value of your money that you are going to invest for a security camera with either your business or personal budget. It is always wise that you invest in stuff like this that are in good quality, even if it is an entry level system as this give you space to add more cameras in the later time when you feel the need to. This is far better than rushing out and then go buy a cheap, unbranded, unknown name. Most of the time, the latter choice leads to buyer’s remorse, thus as much as possible you have to avoid this kind of experience.

The first thing that you do in this case is by looking for a reputable company that exclusively sells security cameras both for commercial and residential use. They should be able to offer you a wide range of recorder and camera options that are developed by reliable manufacturers.

Check warranty

There are retailers of unbranded cameras that might only offer a 6 month warrant at best and this is not something you want from a security camera. Most security companies that sells security cameras provide 3 years warranty and even offers a professional or self-install option.

Understand the basic capabilities of the camera

When choosing security cameras, it is important that you check out the lens size, it memory capacity and wide angle degree. In every mm lens size, the rule here is how far in meters can the camera get a good view on its subject, also referred to as focal length. The wide angle lens’ degree will define its field of vision and even shorten its focal length as its angle get wider.

Check out the camera type

There are 3 types of security cameras offered in the market, starting from the affordable entry level up to the HD and IP cameras, which us mostly at the market’s top end. The good part about this is that the prices of this camera have significantly dropped in the recent times due to the advancement of technology. This has then brought in the entry level IP and HD cameras that are for home use and even small to medium business designs, too.

There are more tips you will find when you meet experts selling these security cameras. You should only choose the ones that are designed for your needs.