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Zanta – Exploring the Effectiveness of WordPress Templates for Blogs


In case you’re utilizing a WordPress blog on your site, you can certainly profit. WordPress can help you make an extraordinary looking site and it has some incredible qualities to incorporate social media, search engine optimization, and other interactive components from zanta that can profit your business. However, in the event that you’re utilizing a free WordPress template or a free WordPress website, you could be undercutting your online business.

Is Using Free WordPress Sites for Business Worth It?

A few websites tempt you by proposing to host your WordPress blog for nothing. An example is WordPress.com. Rather than having a site URL, for example, wesite.com, your website would read yourWordPressblog.WordPress.com. In addition to the fact that you would miss out on having 100% control of the editorial content on your site, your efforts at search engine marketing would not be as successful as they shouldbe if you had a domain of your own.


A distinct identity is important on the web. You need to be unique, isn’t that right? Other than looking generic, a lot of free WordPress templates are constrained in functionality. Furthermore, the designer of the template usually puts their link on the site. Now and again, owners of websites don’t give careful consideration to that reference link in their website’s footer and the outcome is that they are possibly sending clients to rivals or areconnecting their site to a website that could conceivably hurt their Google page rank.

Furthermore, when you utilize free templates, apart from not being able to always deploy them the way you want, the template maker also has no motivation to answer your inquiries. By purchasing a WordPress template from zanta, there is a responsibility to you that makes managing issues or inquiries completely different. You control the layout of the site and you pick who to link to.