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What to Look for in an Original LV Bag


In genuine Louis Vuitton handbags, you might not your see any stitching malfunction or patch on both sides of the handbag. You should also not identify the inner stitching malfunction and easily spot a fake LV bag, most especially if you see the irregularity of the stitch right within the handbag. Louis Vuitton also employs one piece of leather for fashioning handbags and if you come across some cut marks on the handbag, it is obvious that it is one of the fake handbags available in the market.

Fonts: In the case of fonts, Louis Vuitton makes use of a unique font type with a well-rounded letter “O”. You can take your time to look out for this if you want to verify if your handbag is genuine.

Tags: When you purchased a brand new LV bag from a store, there are two tags that are supplied together with the bag, but it is important you are aware of the fact that they are provided separately. You will find that the first tag has “Louis Vuitton” and the material used for fashioning the piece of the handbag. The other tag will provide you with information of the barcode, model number and the name of the bag in French. The tags are not and have never been attached to the bag, so if you find it attached, this is a flaw in the authenticity of the bag. In some cases, you will be provided with a booklet. Nonetheless, it is important you are aware that there is authenticity card that comes with any Louis Vuitton bag.

With AAA counterfeit version of Louis Vuitton bags that are out today, no one wants to get scammed that they are paying at discounted sales online for a genuine Louis Vuitton bag and get the fake. The bottom line is to gather as much information about the luxury items you are planning to purchase and getting to know more about how Louis Vuitton manner in creating their bags. Let’s take for example the fact that LV never created black or gray bag as you see in Damier Graphite Neverfull. Over the years, Louis Vuitton had created thousands of models and styles for a bag so if you are doubtful, doing a research on the material and color helps you spot the fake version from the authentic one.

The trim of the leather for Louis Vuitton bad as crafted in natural leather, which means the skin finish will usually tanned process and in long ran it will become beautifully tan while a counterfeit version of leather will get a tint of pink or yellow. As irregularities on leather are always present like freckles and wrinkles, the authentic Louis Vuitton will get more crisp and clean shine. This luxury brand bag is never without distinct traits to ensure genuine bags from the fake ones. As you see, you meet with how the seam is stretch neatly and it observes pattern on the monogram and there are no instances that Louis Vuitton bag uses patches since they look forward to giving satisfaction and quality on the bags they made so you will not see a seam on the bottom part. For their multicolored bags it follows is 3 sequences of color:

-dark yellow, dark pink, and dark purple

– fuschia pink, black, and green

-dark blue, chartreuse, and blue

For the heat stamp embedded on it, you should note that the sign is not sloppy nor have missed stamp on the character of the letters. Observe how round is O, the tail of the T, and other font traits on it. Buyers should also be aware of the manufacturer code. It consists of 2 letters, 3 to 4 numbers that tell the time the bag was made. Another thing you should mind is that Louis Vuitton never attached tags on the bag. Sometimes you get tags or booklet in the pocket. If you struggle with where you can locate these indicators of authentic Louis Vuitton bag, you can continue your research about the items sold.

If you can smell the bag personally, a fake Louis Vuitton bag smells harsh like the one you smell on chemicals. On the other hand, a genuine Louis Vuitton has leather scent in a subtle sense, if you bought the pre-owned LV bag it will never smell out like chemicals either.

These tips should help you since many of online websites out there are selling fake since it is not legal to sell fake items. They rather get a solution as posting it as much significant lower price however, they won’t reveal if the items are fake. Using your own instinct in making a deal is important. The more you are informed, the better you can pick for the real Louis Vuitton bag so if you are shopping online, ensure that you buy from a reliable source to guarantee that it is authentic.