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War Robots Cheats: Why They Are Essential


In simple terms, War Robots cheats are the cheat application for a game referred to as War Robots. It is a popular game even before it was made available for Android devices. Having said this, there is a point where the gameplay becomes uneasy. This is as a result of the inadequate assets in the game. The war robots cheats were created so that this difficulty can be resolved. The purpose of the cheat is to produce those assets for you.

Why We Need Online Cheats

Yes, inadequate resources are the major challenge of the game. So the cheat application is used to acquire more assets. Though, there are several types of cheat application for this purpose. You need to download and install some of them or even crack some, and then your game account becomes very visible by the administrator, your account had the probability of getting banned if discovered. So the best kind of War Robot Cheats that we need are the ones online and not the one in the application.

6 vs. 6 modes holds the major challenge that you will encounter in this game. When you win battles, you will be rewarded with assets in return and this comes in the form of liver and gold.


The reason why cheats in games existed in the first place is because the developers placed them there in the first place. It is about opening opportunities to gamers that wish to skip or clear levels faster than what a normal game play is going to be. So if you feel guilty that you have used cheats in some of your games, don’t worry. You are not alone. Even veteran games use cheats, but they do so for a different purpose.

Cheating in games is not the same in other fields of cheating. The developers of these games are aware of these and know that rules in the game can be bent. They have even established specific keywords or codes to use with its corresponding action. For example, if you want godmode, the game has specified a codeword for it that you need to input from your keyboard. The codes provided by the game developer can be different, depending on the console you use. PC games need the keyboard to input the cheat. For other consoles that make use of the gamepad or joystick, certain buttons must be tapped in order to activate the cheat.

The famous forms of cheats these days are referred to as ‘bots’ and ‘hacks’ wherein the games are rewritten by the players themselves or they are played by programs in order to provide benefits to the player that makes use of them.

Why most gamers find it necessary

According to the Civilization 4’s lead designer Soren Johnson, it is common among designers to face problems when they are making single-player games a fair experience for the players. When it comes to symmetrical conditions, AI or artificial intelligence sometimes need to cheat just so it can compete against the player. In accordance to this, designers are required to learn on what cheats feel that fair and what cheats don’t for the players. Games also need to avoid cases wherein the players might suspect that the game is actually cheating on them.

Online Games

Cheats are common among single player modes, but when it comes to multiplayers, it is rarely the case. The same can be said with online games. This is because games that are played against human, and not the AI, must be played fair. Even if the teams within the game are not exactly as symmetrical as it should be, every effort here is paid in order to balance out the experience for the players in the game. The best players win by their own skill.

However, this is not always the case since there are various hacks and bots sprouting about, thus it tips the scale of who’s going to win – the one with a lot of power ups. This is why various game servers are monitoring teams in online games that are suspected of cheating. Once proven of cheating, their accounts are banned from playing the game or they are forced to go back to level 1 and start the game all over again.