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This news page is dedicated to whatever announcements the contributor has to share to our readers. While some of our news may make you think that it is not in alignment with the setting of this site, keep in mind that this site touches various topics that may go beyond politics. In fact, some of them are a little bit linked with politics, because they are affected by the actions it took.

What you will read in this section is more about news of what each contributor have found interesting from their perspective. It is similar to a blog post, but with more fact presentation plus some opinion presented by the contributor. Each of the posts is open for comments, so if you wish to ask the contributor regarding their post, feel free to comment. Comments are open for everyone, even those that are not registered to the blogging platform that this site is created with.

You will also hear a lot of news about upcoming events like fairs, gathering, meet-ups, parties, etc., that the contributors themselves are participating in. They can be conducted by themselves, or are promoting it to you, our readers. Their intention for promoting the event they attend to is to provide you an insight of what the event is about. Whether you want to attend or not is up to you. You can also share any of the news to those whom you find are interested in it.

Other news you will read here could be upcoming books made by any of the contributors of this site. Keep in mind that some of the contributors of this site have a position or job in real life that works closely with people, especially in politics and other aspects of the nation. This is the reason why you get very detailed information regarding the behavior of people involved in politics. It is because they are working closely with it. Even information that you’ll never get from the main source of news can only be found here.

If you are worried about the safety of the contributors of this site, need not worry. They are already aware that the moment they disclose information that is ‘not supposed’ to be made public, they will be a target. This is their passion and desire to share information. It is also a way of exercising their freedom to express themselves and the rights given to them according to the constitution.

Most of all, each contributor of this site know the boundaries and the suit that they will face if they ever reveal official documents that are not supposed to be viewable to the public. The contributors of this page are all professionals – they know the law and respect it. You will never see anything that will compromise their identity and their integrity. They gather their sources from what you can see online and do their own investigative piece according to what was already published to the public.

Nobody can really keep a secret. You’ll never know that in the past, the information was already revealed, but people were not aware or never noticed.