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Premium E Juice vs. Regular E-Juice – The Economics of the Vaping Industry


As vaping gains more popularity, more and more vendors are using the word “premium e juice” on their line of flavours. How their line of E-Juices make use of premium flavouring, and it’s the best available on the market. There are E-Juice makers that sell a huge $1/ml for one bottle of E-juice as well; that is $30 for a 30ml value of E-Juice. However,what are you really paying for? What justifies the cost of such an expensive E-Juice? Why spend $30 on 30ml when you couldget a 30ml bottle for $10 in another place? Is there truly a noticeable difference or is it just a gimmick or a fad?

Let us examine the base, shall we? VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol), and Nicotine are located in everyE-Juice bottle. This base makes up around 85% to 95% of the E-juice bottle that you’re buying, and it’s essentially identical for each bottle. There is nothing like “premium” VG or “premium” PG; it’s all one in the same. The remaining percentage is just the flavouring, and this is the point where the term premium could come to the fore. There are a lot of different flavouring makers out there. Some in the United States of America (USA) others overseas like Italy and even China as well as all with a different price point.

Generally speaking, imported flavoringscost more normally than the flavourings from stateside and from experience no two flavouring establishments are truly the same. It is important to point out that there is such a thing as a premium flavoring, however, no E-Juice vendor would be want to expose the secrets of their trade and let you know what establishment they are ordering from even if they callit premium e juice.

Other E-Juice vendors (particularlythe onesthat havea higher price label than others) have been identified as developing their flavor extracts and flavorings themselves to produce their custom flavoring profile. This isn’t a simple task to carry out and therefore a greater price tag.