Political Awareness


Not everybody is aware of the political environment, especially with what’s happening now. It is not a necessity for a person to be politically aware, but it will help develop self-awareness and being an active participant in the country’s future, both socially and politically.

Young voters today have it easier to be politically aware, yet at the same time, it is very challenging. Challenging in a sense that it is affected by the internet and social media. Social media makes it easier for people to share information and even connect with people that are far away. It also makes it easier for people to ask and discuss things that they are not aware of. However, the most challenging part about social media is how to discern gossip from actual information. If inaccurate information can be spread easily just by word of mouth, how much more with the internet, when it can just be shared by one click of a mouse? The result of people’s access to the internet has made information very accessible to the generation today compared to the generations of the past.

In every development that turns out in every generation, it is the people’s initiative to take advantage of it. It is also a way to make people politically aware, all the more to be so when themajority of the new generation can vote. It is crucial for the new generation to be informed about who to vote rather than being ignorant and just vote according to what the masses think. This is what most people are doing these days – follow what others think and just vote the same names as they do. Even the people involved in politics take advantage of this because they know it very well how people’s minds behave. Your votes and the role all people play in the political arena has a huge impact on their decisions. It will even affect the future of the younger generations, too. It is because of this reason that the generation of today must take it seriously.

People are witnessing constant changes in the social community today, thus all the more it is important to keep yourselves informed. The reason for this is because the generation today will be the one to live all throughout those changes. In order to witness better changes, it is important that you participate and get informed in order to make the society’s future change the way you want it to be. If you are not aware of it politically, you will not be able to form your true opinions. The true opinions are what will influence every person’s voting and will eventually affect the outcome.

Political awareness also means understanding other people why they support certain political candidates or why they believe things they perceive it as such in certain issues. With such an understanding, you will be able to communicate your ideas well.

The internet can also increase your awareness on global issues. While at some point this may seem like a negative thing, it is actually more on the positive side since you get to be aware of what’s happening in other countries, and even get more informed by seeking various sources to find out the truth.