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Izrada Sajta: Technologies for Designing Great Interactive Web Sites


As the website design field has developed, there has been a pattern towards more interactive websites. These are awesome for your guests since it influences them to feel more included and it enables you to accomplish more than you could through a static website. During izrada sajta, there are a few technologies that you can use to include interactive components on your website. These are some of the most mainstream technologies for making an interactive website.


Java is platform independent and has been around for quite a while. It’s presently one of the most prevalent programming languages, so there is an extensive number of Java developers creating programs that run on the Java platform. Java programs have the benefit of having the capacity to run on most PC platforms and can also run as fully-fledged independent applications. They don’t really need to be part of a website, however, they definitely can be exceptionally helpful for adding functionality to your websites.

JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript is a typical scripting language that is ideal for developing contents that run in a client’s browser, while jQuery is an extension library that enables JavaScript to query databases. These two make up the interactive content for a huge number of sites. Web content that utilizes JavaScript is typically relatively basic. Regardless of its name, JavaScript is not a chopped down adaptation of Java.

CSS Animation

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, are an approach to depict the presentation of web pages. From its beginning in 1996, CSS has now become a standout amongst the most famous frameworks for website design. As it has advanced, it has turned out to be all the more fully-featured with one of the current improvements being CSS animation. Various web designers have taken the animation and utilized it to make awesome interactive content for a lot of websites.