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HDR PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor


High Dynamic Range or HDR is a general term for a range of standards designed to increase the range of the color and contrast of the HDR PS4 Pro Gaming Monitor far beyond what existing hardware can produce. In spite of what you may have been told during the hasty switch to 4K, resolution is not all that important when talking about image quality.

Contrast, vibrant color, and brightness all become increasingly important to image quality the moment resolution requirements have been met, and improving these standards is what HDR seeks to do. Also, HDR is not an incremental upgrade, its major requirements will entail new hardware for virtually everyone and a transformation that does not require trained eyes or a yardstick to notice.

Firstly, HDR specifications need at least 1000 nits or cd/m2 of brightness for LCD screens. Top of the range desktop gaming monitors, with a maximum brightness of around 300-400 nits, don’t even come close to meeting the requirements. Same goes for the good laptops which come in at around 100 nits more. Cellphones with the sci-fi sunlight-viewable screen technology can only manage about 800 nits. When we talk about brightness, HDR-compliant screens are far better than all these displays.