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Guide to Choosing the Best Darts


There are few decisions that are your responsibility when you intend on buying the best darts in the market as there are two types of darts in the market, the soft tip, and the steel tip. The difference between the two mentioned is obviously the points. The soft tip darts are fashioned from plastics of nylon and they are utilized on bristle/electronic boards while the steel tips, on the other hand, are sharp and they used on hard surface boards or sisal fiber boards. These two types of dart choices cannot be substituted for one another, the soft tops darts, without doubt, will bounce away from a densely woven fiberboard, and the steel tip darts, on the other hand, will most likely damage a board that is intended for soft tip darts.

Dart Types

Steel Tip Darts

The steel tip darts are ideal for consumers without children in their home. They can be a very dangerous material in the wrong hands because they are unyielding and sharp. Steel tip darts work best on bristle dart boards or sisal fiber dart boards and they come with movable or fixed points that seem very effective with harder and older surface boards. The movable point is quite flexible, thus preventing the dreaded bouncing out just in case the tip gets in contact with a wire or does not penetrate the dart boards hard surface.

Soft Tip Darts

The Soft Tip Darts has a nylon or plastic rounded point that is not damaging and sharp compared to the steel tip darts. The soft tip darts are used primarily with bristle dart boards or electronic dart boards where the tip does not necessarily need to penetrate the surface. There are two different width measurement when dealing with the size of the dart barrel, but they have no implication on their contact with the board. 2ba and ¼” offer various degrees of width, and it is definite that one out of the two will be better than the other based on the darts of choice. The more common of the two is the 2ba. Caution is strictly advised when using these darts because if thrown at someone they can cause an injury.