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Dog Containment Solutions: Best Invisible Fence for Dogs


Invisible dog fencing also referred as a fenceless boundary or a pet fence, is considered as an effective way of creating space in a yard where your pets can safely play around without any hindrances or obstructions. How do the best invisible fence for dogs work? Well, it is a pretty simple process. It involves the digging of a hole that is close to your home; a wire is then buried in the hole. The wire is connected to a radio signal, which links up with the lightweight collar worn by your dog whenever he is outside. Any time the dog moves closer to the boundary, the collar gives out a warning sound, triggered by the radio signal of the underground wire. At this point, it will propel the dogs to back out, realizing they have moved closer to the perimeter. However, if the dog ignored the warning signal and cross the boundary of the area, he will be affected by a mild electric shock.

Invisible pet fences do not affect the safety of your kids in any way. They only affect the pets that put on the receiver collars. However, it is safe not to ever cross the invisible boundary line while holding the activated collar or having it in your possession. Although this tool is mostly used for dogs, the invisible animal fences can be used to keep livestock or contain their excesses in the event that the original agricultural fencing is illegal or inconvenient.

When your pet approaches an area that is fenced, you will get a tone from the collar. If perchance your fur baby does not heed to the warning tone in a matter of seconds, what follows the warning tone is an electrical shock transmitted from a device that is incorporated on the collar. It is important you are aware of the fact that the shock is mild and harmless, thus not bringing any harm to your pet. Nonetheless, if your fur baby at any point ignores the mild shock or perhaps if the warning has no effect on your pet owing to its size, you can go further and modify the settings so that the shock’s strength match with the size of your dog and prevent it from crossing the barrier set in place.

Advantages of Invisible Dog Fences

One of the benefits of owning an invisible dog fence is you do not have to deal with leashes, cages, and chains that do not but restrict the movement of your dog. This underground fence provides freedom and open area for your pet, which is something that a cage will not provide, rather your dog will be within a confined space. The invincible dog fence helps in the growth and development of your dog behaviors.

It is important you are aware of the fact the installation of invisible dog fences are not tedious and they are useful for the training of your pet. After a period, your dog will know the areas restricted and he/she will learn to avoid such areas. You will experience the situations like the straying of your dog to your neighbor’s yard and the events that your dog keeps chasing the mailman.

It is without a doubt that physical fences like wooden fences and wires are perceived as a blemish on the appearance of your house or garden. Other than that, dogs get to jump over the physical fences and dig under them. An invisible dog fence ensures that the sensitive areas in your home are protected.