With almost 190 countries in existence and over 7 billion people living on earth, it can be very difficult for most people to think that diverse cultures do exist. More and more people these days are informed about the diversity of culture these days. This is all thanks to people that go out of their way to travel to places with aculture totally different from their own. And it is also by traveling that people get to realize that they should respect the culture of another country.

In the US alone, its cultural landscape is shaped by diverse cultures first by the Native Americans, then by Polynesian, African, Latin American, Asian and the Middle Eastern nations. This is why the US is referred to as the “melting pot” since various cultures have contributed to its distinct flavors.

If you take a look at your own country, you will see a growing number of expatriates that consider your place their own home. Some of them have wholly adapted to the culture that you grow up with, which naturally makes any native happy. When you are the one that lives in another country, with a culture totally different from your own, you will have to adjust and adapt to them, especially when you plan to live longer there.

If you have traveled to different places all over the world, the first thing that you will notice is change, especially when you have to live in a country indefinitely. A country that has customs and cultures different from your own, at first you will find it amazing since it is a country that is something new to you. But as you spend your time longer in a different place, you will find some things that may annoy you. Most people have adopted the cultural norms of the country they are living in, but they still have retained a few from where they are originally from. For people, cultural diversity refers to merging various cultures, introducing the good areas of your culture to others. Yet it is also your responsibility to accept the positive sides of a new culture.

Culture forms each person’s identity and influence behaviors. Cultural diversity makes people accept and even for others assimilate and integrate with the other cultures. In today’s world, cultural diversity has become very significant. Whether people study, work or just stay at home, the chances of interacting with other people of different race, culture, and ethnic groups arefar greater today than it was before.

When you put your biases or prejudices aside that you might have, you will become open to other people, it will aid you in preparing yourself to listen, learn and talk about other cultures and people.

One of the most significant steps that you take first in learning other cultures is accepted that there are different cultures out there other than your own. People have to start thinking about the positive sides of various cultures and how surrounding yourself with diversity will enrich your life.