About Us


In these times of information war, most people are not aware of the predicament the world is in. If you take a look at what is going on in various news media sources, you’d find almost so little about the good side and more about the bad, with the latter more about apolitical war. Each side is throwing their own side on how to win public opinion and those who have the most influence for decades are usually the ones who win.

However, the medium that most people watch can get manipulated easily. And because of that, various people show up different kinds of theories regarding the wars that happened in the past. The most attractive topic of all is conspiracy theories – stories wherein the author believes a covert yet very influential organization is the one behind an event or circumstance. Due to the rise of these conspiracy theories, many people are now asking themselves whether the events of the past were really true. Some people are starting to question whether some of the events were blown out of proportion just to make them palatable to the public. And so political awareness was born.

This is not to say that the articles written here are all about conspiracy theories. This site is created from a group of people that want to provide an alternative thought and opinion regarding the current affairs and events of today, particularly in the political world. Due to what is happening in international politics, it has affected various sectors of every government of the world. In some places, it seemed peaceful because they were politically detached to what is really going on, but not to the point that they have no care for it at all. There are just some political figures that seem to care too much about the affairs of others to the point like they are dictating what the government should take, even if they are merely guests in the country.

The readers of this page are those seeking different perspectives of the political world, whether this is pro- or anti-government. It doesn’t matter which side of politics you support – you will always get attacked for your beliefs.

The benefits of being politically aware

Because of the situations happening all over the world, it has brought political awareness to most people at a higher level. Many people are getting themselves involved in what is truly going on, finding their own sources where they believe holds the truth. Thanks to the internet and social media, not to mention freedom of information, people nowadays are able to do their own research online, visiting various political beliefs and formulate their own conclusion. This has formed debates and even flame wars in social media. Both sides present their argument backed with evidence that they have scoured the internet or even news clippings that are not published online.

This is how you’ll even see many people say that they are already aware and will not be manipulated easily.

Mainstream media has gotten the brunt of anger from a portion of the public. The latter screams fake news and unprofessional journalism. They think that the mainstream media has been paid to post fake news that shows more in favor of either the pro or the opposition. It has become such a heavy yet interesting world in politics because you’ll witness more people getting involved with it. They want to know and they will do everything in order to get their hands on truth.

This site is made to present information regarding individuals that are involved in politics. We are neutral on both sides – we do not favor one political party over the other. We gather all information that we find interesting, even those that are not published in mainstream media. It is because of the principles we hold that many of our readers stick to our site, waiting for the next article to be published. Each of the posts here is according to the perspective of its author. If you find that it doesn’t align to what you believe in, it is best that you ignore or better yet come up with an argument that makes you believe you don’t agree with them.

Most of all, we encourage our readers to be fair and refrain from attacking other readers that they do not agree with. If you want to debate your side, make sure you do it fairly and not to the point of attacking them personally. What you need to address is the message of the author, not attack the author themselves.