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A Brief Look at the Vietnam Visa Stamping Fee


The Vietnam Visa on arrival is one of the procedures for visa application and it is done via the Internet. The benefit of this procedure is that you can easily carry it out from the comfort of your office or home. All that is required is you filling an application form, paying the necessary fee otherwise referred to as the service fee and then the Approved visa letter will be delivered to your e-mail. It is important you ate are the fact that the approved visa letter will be accredited by the department of Vietnam immigration. When it comes down to the Vietnam Visa cost of service fee, it is vital you are aware that there are two types of the fee to be paid, the service fee that was aforementioned and the Vietnam Visa stamping fee. The service fee is that which is paid during the online application process and the payment is made on vietname-visa.com, this service fee is mandatory just so you can get the visa approval letter.

Stamping fee

The stamping free on the other hand is the fee that is paid at the immigration office at the Vietnamese International airport immediately on your arrival. This fee involves the approval stamp from the immigration department given on the passport and the charge for your Vietnam Visa on arrival print-out. The standard stamping fee for the single applicant ( both 3 months and 1 month) is 25 USD while on the other hand for multiple entries (both 3 months and 1 month) is 50 USD. You can find this rate announced clearly on the government website and on the payment you get to receive a red bull as proof of payment.

The stamp fee is a requirement if you want to try and finish your visa application process, this can be paid at the airport on arrival in Vietnam. The stamp fee must be cash, no credit cards are accepted not. You can pay US dollars (USD) if you do not have any local currency available to you.

The stamp fee will depend on a number of things, for example, you will be charged for how many entries you have made in Vietnam, this is usually 25 USD for single entry and 50 USD for multiple entries.

It is considered valid once you have gotten the stamp.

One thing that you should take note of is that the stamp fee will be counted based on the number of times you traveled to Vietnam, it will not count on the length of time you stay in Vietnam.

Visa Code: You will pay this fee directly to Vietnamese Embassy Your passport will get a stamp in your country. This fee will vary from country to country. So you may want to check directly with your own embassy if you want to see how much you will need to pay for the embassy to get your visa code.

If you want to have your visa application quickened, then you can pay an urge fee, this is usually around plus $ 10.

Another urgent processing fee, wherein you can get the visa stamp much more quickly is the urgent fee which is $ 20 plus. Again the total price of this stamp fee will depend on what country you are traveling from.

How do you get a visa on arrival?

Visas can be obtained on the same day at a cheap price on arrival at the airport without going to embassies in your own country and other countries.

Acquisition of an invitation letter is required before arrival at the airport. You can ask friends and acquaintances inside Vietnam, but because complicated procedures are necessary, in case of sightseeing visa it is common to ask the agent.

You will also need to pay an application fee at the airport (stamp acquisition fee). Apart from the cost of the invitation letter, you will pay a visa fee at the airport. It is less than half the price paid at embassies in each country.

What is the payment process for the stamp fee really like?

You get a number and wait in line at the airport. When they call your name, you will pay the stamp fee at the counter. Single entry stamp fee is $ 25 for both 1 month and 3 months, and multi is $ 50 for both 1 month and 3 months. It is impossible to use a credit card, it is cash payment in US dollars. Since there is no currency exchange place, it is necessary to bring in US dollars in advance. So be sure to bring along some US currency, you can usually find a currency exchanger at the airport. You can exchange your money there if you want to pay the stamp fee at the airport when you arrive in Vietnam.