Many blog sites seem to look like that they are having it pretty easy. All the bloggers need to do is make a content that they are very familiar about and they can pretty much get away with it. Readers may look like the authors of the blog have it easy, but it can be pretty tough behind the scenes. Bloggers need to be consistent with their posts or not they will lose their followers.

If you are a blogger, you know what it feels like when you can’t keep up with blogging, but you really have to do it. It could be that your blog is one of your source of income and being inconsistent with it can make you lose some cash. However, you can’t help make a regular blog post, much less on how to do it consistently. That all will end as you have come to the right place – a way to fix on how you can create amazing content consistently.


You can find a lot of tips online on how you launch your own blog site, how to write and even know the best ways on how to promote a post. You don’t have that much excuse at this point not to publish your content, but oftentimes bloggers find that excuse to do so. So what do you do then when that time comes?

You decide to stop. You’ll find a lot of reasons why you can’t blog anymore. You have a life, blogging can’t sustain you. You’ve got the main job. There is a big event. You’ve got kids to take care of. And so on. Then when you find out that you have left your blog for a few months, you start panicking since nobody visits, reads or even cares about it except you. And eventually you will feel like that would be the time to stop. It is best that it stop it all since nobody cares anymore.

The most difficult part of blogging is to post content consistently. Keep in mind that this is not about publishing consistently. It doesn’t even matter if you post 2 times a week or once per month. The most important thing here is to write each day so that you can keep the quality of the content really high.

Some would say that you shouldn’t force your mind to create a post, saying that you should only write when you feel inspired or when you find the time. However, doing so is just inviting procrastination and you will never make it. This is the reason why 90 percent of bloggers fail – due to poor habit in writing. Writing is never easy. It always involves effort, which is a task in your to-do list. In other words – it is work. But in order to be consistent with them, you need to change your habits. And what so easy about habits? Setting them on autopilot.


Create a commitment

Do you know that those who write their goals have better chances of success than those who don’t? One study showed the top 3 percent earners from 1979 MBA class of Harvard helped them earn ten times money compared to the rest. One of the best sites that will help you make a commitment is by going to coach.me and make an account. Don’t worry, you won’t be paying any fee at all. Once you sign up, you will get directly to your dashboard. Feel free to explore the site as this is designed to help you achieve your goal.

This site gives you an option to hire a writing coach if you are really that lazy. When you hire a writing coach, make sure that they have a reputation that they have helped people like you, mostly on writing. They will help you get started and notify you daily to write at least one post.

Create Action Items

If you wish to blog daily, the process is to be repeated daily. You have to come up with an outline, headlines, content and whatever you want to put in a blog post. You must repeat this step over and over again each day. In order to know what you need to do, you must create a list of small tasks that you are going to repeat on a daily basis that involves writing posts and should take over 25 minutes. This is referred to some bloggers as the loop list. Here is a generic form of what a loop list looks like.

Why do you think most of the New Year’s resolution fail? It could be that the resolutions are too generic or they are too big. It doesn’t matter what kind of resolution you want to commit to, you need to break them into smaller and more specific steps.

Coming up with three sound headlines

Create an outline for a blog post

Write 300 words intro

Write freestyle worth 250 words

Write end of post summary worth 300 words

Make a bonus PDF worth 500 words

This will give you the ability to pick an action item daily. Once you complete that and do it repetitively, you will create a writing habit. This is not to aid you in creating articles per week, but this is to make sure that you are writing daily. So when you publish, the quality is always top notch. You can even go through the list in order and loop from the start once you have already published a post.

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